How to Log into Overflow Mode

Step 1: Select Overflow Mode

Approach the PHR1012 podium. Tap on the button labelled "Click Here to Use Both Rooms".

Step 2: Join Rooms Now - tap on the Join Rooms Now to continue

Step 3:  Accept Overflow Request

The PHR1012 podium will now wait for the Overflow Request to be accepted by the PHR1008 podium.

You are not required to go to PHR1008, it will automatically power on the Podium in PHR1008

Step 4: Overflow Mode

The default view of Overflow Mode should appear on the podium in PHR1012.
Tap on "Microphone Control" this will show the microphones in PHR1008 (see highlighted)
These can be used by students in PHR1008 for Questions.


Step 6: Check Overflow Mode

In PHR1012, you can confirm that you are currently in Overflow Mode by checking to see that the source "Room 1008 Camera"

Tap on Camera Control on the right (as shown), it will display the panel below, then tap on "Room 1008 Camera" as shown

Step 7: Shutdown

Tap on "Shutdown" at the upper right corner of the podium as shown

Confirm the Shutdown process

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