How to Adjust Microphone Control

Step 1: Select Microphone Control

Select the button labelled "Microphone Control" below the source list.

Step 2: Adjust Microphone Volume Control

Adjust the microphone volume control as desired by muting and unmuting microphones with the buttons labelled "Mute", and by increasing and decreasing the volume with the buttons with arrows pointing up and down. The images below explain which volume control below adjusts which microphone.

Gooseneck Mic

This is the Gooseneck Microphone. It is a wired, reliable microphone that is appropriate for podium speaking.

Wireless Microphones

These are the Wireless Microphones. Both of these microphones operate at the same wireless frequency, so only one wireless microphone can be used in each classroom at any time. They are both controlled by the same volume controls labelled "Wireless Mic". If these microphones' batteries have not been charged, the microphone may not stay active for an entire lecture. Therefore, please make sure that you properly place the microphone in the cradle at the end of your lecture for the next speaker.

Auxiliary Microphone

Additionally, there is an auxiliary microphone that is usually connected to the volume controls labelled "AUX Mic 1". If these volume controls do not control the microphone, the microphone may be connected to the controls labelled "AUX Mic 2".

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