How to Use Overflow Q&A Microphones

Step 1: Enable Q&A Microphones

In the "Q&A Microphones" box, press the button labelled "Currently Disabled (Press to Enabled)" to enable the Q&A microphones.

Step 2: Take Question

When a member of the audience steps on a mat located by one of the room's microphones, the status of the microphone will change from "Idle" to "Question Requested". At that time, you may then press the button next to the labelled microphone to enable the mic so the audience member is free to speak into the microphone. If an audience member steps on a microphone mat from room PHR1008, a short sound byte will play to catch your attention (since you cannot as easily see members of the audience move over to a mat in the other room).

Step 3: Listen to Question

The microphone will then be enabled to the audience member that requested the question.

Step 4: Microphone Enabled

The neck of the audience member's microphone will shine a red light when the microphone is enabled, notifying them that they have the floor.

Step 5: Disable Microphone

You can disable the questioner's microphone at any time by pressing the button next to the microphone label. Otherwise, the microphone will be turned off automatically when the audience member steps off of the mat. As more members of the audience journey to the mats for questions, continue this process until questions are exhausted or you otherwise see fit.

Step 6: Disable Q&A Microphones

In the "Q&A Microphones" box, press the button labelled "Currently Enabled (Press to Disable)" to disable the Q&A microphones.

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