How to Use the System in PHR1012

Step 1: Log in to Presentation Mode

Tap anywhere on the podium/screen to display the page below.

Tap on "Click Here to Use This Room Only" if you will be using only PHR1012 for your class.

To use the Overflow Room, see the steps in How to log into Overflow Mode.

If you will be using "This Room only", the default view of Presentation Mode should appear.

Step 2: Select Presentation Source

Select a Source for your presentation by tapping on either Instructor's PC, Laptop or Document Camera.

Selecting the Source will Warm Up the Projector as shown below.

Step 3: Select Microphone and Adjust Room Lighting.

Unmute which Microphone will be used by tapping on the "Mute Button"

Adjust Room Lighting under "Lighting Control"

Step 4: Shutdown the Podium

Remember to Log Off your profile from the Computer before tapping on the "Shutdown icon"

Tap Yes to confirm the Shutdown Process

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