How to Replace the Microphone Batteries

Step 1: Check if both Microphones are Dead

Check if both microphone are dead.  If both are dead you can use normally AA batteries instead.  If only one is dead then we can switch the batteries, we will start with the lapel mic.

Step 2: Open the Lapel Mic Cover

Press the buttons on the sides of of the lapel mic and pull the cover up

Step 3: Remove the Battery

Remove the battery out by pulling up on the tabs on both sides until the battery comes out.

Step 4: Open Karaoke Microphone

To open the karaoke mic you grip the top and bottom of the mic and twist it until it comes loose.  Then unscrew fully and then pull it off.

Step 5: Open Battery Cover

Press the button near the middle of the microphone to release the battery cover.  After it is release pull it back so the battery pack is completely uncovered.

Step 6: Removed Battery Pack

Pull up on the side of the battery pack until it is fully removed from the microphone

Step 7: Switch the Batteries

Now simply switch the batteries making sure to line up the tab on the battery pack with the tab on the battery compartment.

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