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Using the Projector in room 7007

Using the Projector in room 7007

Turning on the projector

The projector in room 7007 must be turned on manually.

The remote control can be found in the drawer in the computer rack as shown.

Aim at the Projector and press Power button as shown

The Projector should turn on.

To use a Laptop: Press (3) VGA or (6) HDMI depending on your laptop.

To use the built in computer : Press (1) Computer

Connecting a Laptop

The laptop connectors are in the tabletop outlets.

Untangle the wires. Be gentle, there are some thin ones that are capable of breaking if pulled on to hard.

Powering off the projector

Press power on the remote aiming at the projector.

This box should appear on screen:

Press OK on the center of the remote as shown. Keep the remote pointed at the projector.

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