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Wall Plates (2009 & Fishbowls)

Using the wall plates

Step 1: Turn the projector on by pressing the "Display On" button.

Step 2: Set the screen to PC if you intend to use the built in computer or Wall Plate to use a laptop

Step 3 (Laptops only):

Make sure the laptop is connected properly to the Wall Plate

Also ensure that your laptop is set to output video to an external monitor.
This can be done on Windows 7 machines by pressing (Windows + P)

Step 3 (Built in PC Only):

Ensure that a USB Mouse and keyboard are connected to the wall plate. In room 2009, these can be found inside the podium.

The screen should now be projecting your desktop

Additional Notes:

Pic Mute: Pic Mute can be used to quickly turn the projection off and on again without powering off the actual projector.
Use it when you want to set up something off screen, then want to bring it up quickly when you're ready. Tap once and it turns the screen off,     again and it turns the screen on again.

Shut Down: To shut down the projector simply hold down the Display Off button until the Projector enters shut down mode.
    It may take a few minutes to fully power off.

Normally it is better to leave the built in PC on so that it is easier for the next person to use.

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