How to Setup Carbonite Online Backup

Step 1: Receive Email

You should have an email from Carbonite Customer Care where Steve will invite you to join our Carbonite Backup System. If you do not have this email, please ask Steve or his co-op student to resend it to you. Open the email.

Note: Many of you are likely using Microsoft Outlook as your email client, but since you probably already know how to use that program I did not show screenshots on how to open the email from Outlook, and every other possible email client.

Step 2: Show Content

The email should appear. Likely your email client will block some of the content on the page. Enable the content on the page. You can do this by selecting an option such as "Display images below" or if you are using Outlook, select "Yes" to "Do you want to enable content?".

Step 3: Register for Carbonite

Click on the "Register and Install Carbonite" link to transfer to Carbonite's website. There you will register your account.

Step 4: Enter Your Information

Your basic information should already be filled in, but if it is incorrect, please correct it at this stage. Then please enter in your WatIAM password under the "User account password" fields.

Step 5: Select Your Security Questions

Scroll down the page and select three different security questions in case you ever need to retrieve your password. You should select questions that only you know the answer to.

Step 6: Answer Your Security Questions

Now write answers for your security questions. (The answers for my security questions have been scratched out for security purposes). Avoid answering questions with ambiguous answers such as "What is your father's middle name?" if you father has two middle names and so the answer could for instance be "Charles", "Charlie", "Matt", "Matthew", "Charles Matt", "Charles Matthew", "Charlie Matt", or "Charlie Matthew". When you are done, click "Submit".

Step 7: Get Carbonite

On the next screen, select the menu icon under "Computer Actions" as shown in the screenshot below and select "Install on this computer".

Step 8: Download Carbonite

You may ignore the instructions on the Carbonite webpage. Click the "Download Now" button.

Step 9: Save Carbonite

Click "Save". Do not run Carbonite at this point despite what the instructions on the Carbonite website say.

Step 10: Navigate to Desktop

Click on "Desktop" on the left of the Windows Explorer window.

Step 11: Save to Desktop

Click on "Save" to save Carbonite to the desktop.

Step 12: Wait for Download

That's it! Now that you have created your Carbonite account and downloaded the backup software, you may now arrange to have Steve or his co-op student install the software on your computer. Feel free to make a ticket to arrange a time that works for you. Installing Carbonite should take no longer than 5-10 minutes.

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