Examsoft: What to do If

Before you start an Exam:

  • Charge your laptop battery and bring your power cord
  • Check that your computer's date and time are accurate
  • Save all your work: restart your computer to ensure all other windows and documents are closed
  • Disable Anti-virus for the exam period, please remember to re-enable your anti-virus after each exam (For instructions on how to disable your anti-virus, slick on this link: ...)

Pre-Exam Issues:

  • SofTest will not start (Windows):
    • Launch Services on the computer (Type Services in the search box, or go to Control Panel-->Administrative Tools-->Services)
    • Look for ExamsoftShieldService, then Right Click on the Service then click on Start
    • Go ahead to launch SofTest again
  • SofTest will not start (Mac- the icon bounces for few seconds and does not respond any further):
    • Move the Program to the Applications Folder
    • Click and Drag SoftTest icon from the Dock back into the Applications Folder
  • Black screen after typing 'Begin':
    • Shutdown the computer (press down the power button for 4-5 seconds)
    • Restart the computer, upon restart, resume exam when prompted

Mid-Exam Issues:

  • Computer freezes during an exam:
    • Do not exit the exam
    • Power off the computer (hold down the power button for 4-5 seconds)
    • Power on the computer
    • When SofTest exam windows is displayed, select Return to Exam to continue the exam or Close Exam to exit the exam.
    • Note: you may be prompted to enter a Resume Code

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