How to Email a Scanned Document to Yourself using a Xerox WorkCentre Printer

Step 1: Enter Xerox Accounting ID

If the "Services" windows is not showing, press the "Services" button. Then type in your Xerox Accounting ID and press the "Enter" button on the touch screen.

Step 2: Group Account Login

Select the "Login to a Group Account" button to login.

Step 3: Pharmacy Group Account

Select the Pharmacy Group Account to login.

Step 4: Confirm Account

Press the "Enter" button on the touch screen to confirm the account.

Step 5: E-mail

Press the "E-mail" button to display the E-mail tab.

Step 6: Include Recipients

Press the "To.." button to add recipients to the email.

Step 7: Enter Recipient Name

Type in the search name of the recipient you would like to send the email to. The search name is usually the first name or full name of the user. Please remember that only recipients listed on the Xerox WorkCentre's address book will be found in the search. If you need an email address to be added to the address book, please create a ticket with your request.

Step 8: Confirm Recipient

Press the "Enter" button to confirm the recipient.

Step 9: Add Recipient

Press the "Add" button to add the recipient. If you would like to add another recipient, press the "Keyboard" button and repeats steps 7-9.

Step 10: Confirm All Recipients

Press the "Done" button to confirm all listed recipients.

Step 11: Scan Document

Lift the cover over the glass and place the document you would like to scan face-down on the glass. Close the cover.

Step 12: Start Scan

Press the "Start" button the scan the document.

Step 13: Scan Completed

After a moment, the printer will return a confirmation message. The email recipients listed will then receive an email with the scanned document attached as a PDF.

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