How to Email a Scanned Document to Yourself using a Xerox WorkCentre Printer

Step 1: Enter your Xerox Accounting ID

Enter your accounting ID using the on screen keyboard.  If you do not know your code ask Steve in PHR3012.

Step 2: Press Enter

Press Enter after entering your account ID.

Step 3: Services Home

Press the Services Home button on on the Left side of the console past the screen.

Step 4: Choose Email

Press the Email button on the touch screen.

Step 5: New Recipient

Press the New Recipients... button.

Step 6: Search for your address

Type the first few letters of your name and then press Search.
You can also enter your email address in full and then press Add.

Step 7: Find your name

Select your name from list.  If your name does not appear on the this list you can enter your email on press Close and
enter your email address with the on screen keyboard.


Step 8: Add your recipient

Press Add(To:) in the drop down menu.


Step 9: Select your scanning Options

Select the options you want for your scan. 

Step 10: Place your Document to scan

Place your document either on the glass aligned with the top right hand corner or in the document feeder on the top of the printer.

Step 11: Press Start

Press the start button to start your scanning job.

Step 12: Wait

Wait for the screen to display the completed message as shown below, signifying that the job has been successfully completed

Step 13: Press Your Name

Press The Green Button in the top left hand corner that will say your name.

Step 14: Press Log Out

Press the Log Out button on the drop down menu.

Step 15: Press Logout

Press the Logout button in the popup window.