How to Add Pharmacy Room Schedules to Outlook 2010

Step 1: Select Calendar

Open Outlook 2010 if you haven't already. Select the "Calendar" tab.

Step 2: Open Calendar from Room List

Select the "Open Calendar" menu and select the "From Room List..." menu option.

Step 3: Search for Science Pharmacy

Type "sci phr" in the search field to find rooms associate with the School of Pharmacy. Select the first room in the list that appears.

Step 4: Scroll Through the List

Use the scroll bar and buttons to scroll down through the list until you reach the end of the rooms beginning with "SCI PHR".

Step 5: Select All Rooms

Hold the SHIFT key while selecting the last room that begins with "SCI PHR". This will select every room in between (thus every room associated with the School of Pharmacy). Then click the button labelled "Rooms ->".

Step 6: Confirm Rooms

Click the "OK" button to confirm the list of rooms.

Step 7: Room Calendars

The individual calendars for each room in the School of Pharmacy will now appear in a list labelled "Rooms" under your Calendars. You may select whichever rooms you would like to see at any given time. The main classrooms only have been selected in the image shown.

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