How to Clean your Mouse and Keyboard

Step 1: Request Ticket

Go to You will be asked to enter credentials; enter your WatIAM ID and password as shown.

Step 2: Select Pharmacy IT

Click the department menu and select the option that says "Pharmacy IT Request Form".

Step 3: Create Request

Click on the "Create a New Request" button.

Step 4: Enter Subject

Your basic information should already be correctly filled in. If there is an error, your WatIAM information may be out of date. Please include a subject in the subject line. You are not required (nor encouraged) to enter in details such as "People affected", "Severity", additional WatIAM IDs, or due dates; these details are usually ignored.

Step 5: Enter Description

Enter a description of the problem you are experiencing, the question you have for IT, or the service that you would like to be done by IT.

Step 6: Submit Request

Click the "Submit Request" button.

Step 7: Ticket Request Confirmation

This window confirms that your ticket has been received by IT. You may want to write down the ticket number in case you need to refer to it later. You may select the "Display the List of Requests" button if you would like to see all of your pending request.

Step 8: List of Requests

If you selected the "Display the List of Requests" button, your pending requests will be displayed as shown.

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