How to Submit Content for Television Screens in the Lobby

At this time, this service is available to all students and staff of the School of Pharmacy. All messages will be monitored for appropriate and relevant content.

If you would like to create a single slide, or a slideshow, please create your slides in a PowerPoint presentation. If you would like to share a video, create the video in any video-editing program you like and export it as a .wmv.

It is important that you create your message in PowerPoint or video-editing software because the frame of your message needs to appropriately fit the television screens either in standard view (4:3), or widescreen view (16:9). A paper document, for example, is not appropriately sized for a television screen; the ratio of a normal 8½ by 11 document is (17:22).

Once you are finished creating your message, please email the media to Steve's co-op student. Please also let us know when you would like your message to appear. Please give us a start time, such as "ASAP" or "January 2nd after 2:00pm" as well as a finish time such as "After 8:00pm on January 10th". If you've observed the general layout of the current playlist, we may also be able to grant requests that indicate at what position in the playlist you would like your message to appear. You can request things like "immediately after the slide for the BBQ event". We will try our best to grant those requests, but cannot make any promises.

Feel free to make a ticket if you have any questions about the lobby screens. Thanks for reading!

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