Step 1: Double click on "Remark Office OMR 8 Demo" shortcut.

Step 2: Close the "Demo Resources" Window. Then go to file and click on "New Form Template"

Step 3: Under the "Form template description", let's call this "GenericTest". Do not touch anything else. Press Next to continue.

Step 4: Press "Read from image files". Then press "Acquire Images from File" and select the "Scantron Exam tester" image. Press OK to finish.

This part will be the important steps to make the program work. We will label what each bubbles will do (i.e. being graded or not). So follow very carefully.

Step 5: A new window  (Remark Office OMR Template Editor Demo) should appear. On this step, we will label the StudentID bubbles as not being graded. 
To do that, we press "OMR" which is near the top.. Then, drag your mouse to select the bubbles.

Step 6: A new Window should pop up. Under "Region Definition", we will make "Region name" be called StudentID. Change "Data type" to numerical since we are using numbers. 

Step 7: Under Region Layout, Change "Region orientation" to column because we are selecting one bubble per column. Make "Columns in the region" to and "Rows in the region" to 10.

Step 8: Under "Possible Responses", change "Possible label scales" to "0 to 9".

Step 9: Under Properties, click on "Region item Properties". Under "Test Settings", press "Do not grade this item". Click Ok to Finish.

Step 10: Now we drag our mouse to the multiple choice questions that is between 1 - 25. Make sure the green rectangle doesn't touch the numbers. Make "Region name" "1-25/". 
Make "Columns in the region" to and "Rows in the region" to 25. Change "Possible label scales" to "A to E". Press "OK" to finish.

Step 11: Repeat Step 10 for 26-50, 51-75 and 76-100

Step 12: Go to file and click "save as" to save this template. Call it anything you want, I'll call it "GenericTest".

Step 13: We will close this window (Remark Office OMR Template Editor Demo) as we no longer need it anymore. Go to file,and press "Open Form Template". 
Find the file we just saved on Step 12. In my case, I called mine "GenericTest".

Step 14: What we are going to do now is see how the students did on the test. Press "Read Wizard" and then press "Read from image files". Press Next and then double click on "Scantron Tester results".
 Press Next and then press read  to finish.

Step 15: On this step, we will look into problems or mistakes (i.e. bubbling more than one option. Bubbling nothing). Press "Review on Exceptions" under Data options. Then press "Begin Review".  
We can press the forward button to see more errors. Once you are done, press "finished".

Step 16: Now we look at how to Grade the result. To do that, we need to press "Grade Wizard". A new window should pop up.

Step 17: Press Next,Next

Step 18:  We are going to highlight the StudentIDs. We can select them one by one by ctrl + left-click on each StudentID 1-8. Or we can left click on StudentID1 and then Shift left-click on StudentID8 to select them. Then we checkmark "Question identifies the student". 

Step 19: This time, we are going to highlight the rest (1-100 multiple choice questions) and we will give them an answer of A. To do this, we highlight them by doing the same way as Step 18. The we are going to put A on the "Correct answer" box.

Step 20: Click Next, next, next and finish. You can save the answer key for later use.

Step 21:  We are almost done! Under Report Options, click on "Display Reports".  There are a lot of options to choose from but we will try the first one first, which is "101 - Student statistics Report".

1) From here we can see the Student ID and their marks.(notice there are both 8,9 on last digit of the student ID. that is because I bubbled both 8 and 9 for the last digit to see what would happen.)

2) The next one we are looking at is "103 - Class Frequency Distribution Report". Shows a bar graph of the frequent marks.

3) "106 - Condensed Test Report". More useful information.

4) "107 - Demographic Grade Report". Pretty useful to check the number of frequent response from the students.

There are more to talk about but I only showed the basics of what Remark Office can give us. Overall, very impressive program.

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