How to connect to Eduroam on Android and iPhone

For Android Users:

Step 1:You have to first download and install eduroamCAT app from your App Store or  Google Play Store. Search for eduroamCAT from your app store.

After installing the app, then go to Step 2

Step 2: Load this page ( on your phone it will take you to the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool webpage

(If you do not have data on your phone, connect to uw-wifi-setup-no-encryption from your wireless settings, this will automatically open the webpage once you load the browser)

Step 3: Follow the Instructions on installing the configuration tool

See steps on this page;

Remember to Select "University of Waterloo" from the home institution list.

Also, when asked for a userid and password, enter:

a.    Your

b.    Your watIAM/Quest password (twice)

Step 4: Disconnect from the uw-wifi-setup-no-encryption then connect to eduroam with your and passord

For iPhone Users:

You may have to load or open the eduroam configuration webpage within Safari for proper installation of the tool.


-    Remember to add behind your userid

-    Restart the phone if having issues connecting especially for iPhone users.

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