How to Bring back the Start menu/button to the Windows 8 Desktop

Step 1: Open any Browser

Step 2: Go to

Type on the URL. Or Click HERE.

Step 3: Checkmark Classic Start

Scroll down until you see "Classic Start". Checkmark it.

Step 4: Click "Get Installer"

Scroll down until you see a button called "Get Installer". Click on it. 

Step 5: Download and Install the "Ninite Classic Start Installer.exe"

You should have a pop-up that asks you to "Run" . If you don't get any Pop-Up, click on "retry the download" and then press "Run". If you do not see "Run", then press "Save" and then open it.

Step 6: Go to "Settings" for Classic Start

Right Click on the Start menu and click on "Settings".

Step 7: Make Classic Shell look more like Windows 7 Start Menu

Click on "Windows Vista/Windows 7".

Step 8: Press "Yes" and "OK" to Save.

Click "Yes". Then Click "OK" to finish.

You are now done! 

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